Aged Beef Steakhouse

With specialties in dry-aged steaks from Spain, Argentina, and Tasmania


Chef Andrea Peresthu

Andrea Peresthu’s life is a voyage of culinary expeditions. Traveling across Europe for 15 years, he acquired its gastronomic culture and immersed himself in it. He established his first dining place, Javanegra Gourmet Atelier with his partner, Reni Alhadad, in 2011. Puerta 26 is a part of Javanegra Group, a family of restaurants that will take you on an endless culinary journey.

Puerta 26 Menu

A rich collection of Chef Andrea Peresthu’s authentic recipes of dry-aged steaks and Spanish-Mediterranean food. Puerta 26 specializes in premium quality beef from Spain, Argentina, and Tasmania. Discover our Chef’s creations, ranging from breakfast to dinner meals alongside a curated list of our beverages.

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Temporary Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday
1 PM - 8 PM

Open with limited seating

Kindly reserve in advance

Puerta 26

Jl. Sudamala No.26, Sanur, Bali

Taksu Sanur Hotel

Tel: +62 811-3883-323

Jl. Sudamala No.26, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia